The value for health added by outdoor activity, namely physical activity as green exercise, is gaining relevance in the literature. This study combines two areas: research on how contact with nature impacts positively on human wellbeing and research on how physical activity acts as promoter of physical and psychological benefits. Contact with natural environments, contemplative or in a more active way, is an important mean for people to gain psychological wellbeing. Also, outdoor physical exercise, particularly the activity in natural environments, promotes several physical and emotional benefits. Present study aims to analyse differences regarding to motivators and benefits of indoor and green exercise. Participants are practitioners of outdoor and indoor exercise, who answered a questionnaire with measures on type and intensity of physical activity, psychological motivators for exercise, connectedness to nature, wellbeing and vitality. Outdoor physical activity is associated to more psychological benefits, and the relation to natural environments captured by connectedness with nature scale plays an important role on this association, highlighting the benefits of outdoor exercise practicing, namely in natural environments, for individual wellbeing. Psychological and physical well-being can thus be promoted by the adoption of more healthy lifestyles associated to the combination of indoor with green exercise.