In the world wide, under the influence of the ship tonnage’s enhancement, the container transportation’s development, industrial suburbanization and etc,the port is moving away from center city areas.The old port area located in the center of the city along with their surrounding factories, warehouses, railway stations and docks were gradually abandoned, left a large area of broken land. Urban expansion causes the tension of the urban land resources, because most of the old port areas which had been abandoned have a very good location in cities, they have a high redevelopment value, thereby attracting a large number of urban developers. But for China, redevelopment of old ports is lagged behind compared with other countries, this is related to China's economic development level. For now, the redevelopment of the old port area gradually becomes the hot issue within the area of central area renaissance of the port cities in China. Like other countries, The old port areas gradually transform to a functional zone for passenger’s transport, office, commerce, shopping and reside, entertainment, and other functions, the transition of the function have influenced on travel behavior of the citizens to the port.The change of old ports’ function at the same time changes the crowd. which leads to a change in the choice of the mode of transport to the port.

This paper takes Port of Dalian as an example. Through the study of the status quo analysis of the traffic conditions of the port, its surroundings, and on-site interviews, a large number of questionnaire survey on the travel behavior of the residents to the port, we were able to understand the travelling behavior of the port residents. Through the analysis, we made a summary of starting point and destination, route and convenience of port residents’ travelling behavior. We made some meaningful conclusions taking current traffic conditions into consideration. We were hoping that this study could help in improving the connectivity between old ports and cities, along with the accessibility of the old ports on the purpose of making Port of Dalian more vibrant and developing sustainably in the process of urban redevelopment.