Kayseri life style has secondary usage from past, in the residential utilization. People are located in city center in winter, but in summer moved to the summer houses which are located nearby of the city center. It is traditional life style of Kayseri. In past, traditional summer house usage can be defined such that people moved to houses, which were located on higher areas (colder than city center), and they were constructed in local natural material (stone and timber) also designed in small scale like as 1+1 or 1+2 plan type. This life style's aim was to live together with all relatives and neighbors, in the nature. In this style, ecologic life was more predominant, could be mentioned. In last 40 years, summer houses were starting to be modern. Very important features of these houses were changed. These changes;

  • User and number of user,
  • Spatial organization,
  • Construction materials and techniques,
  • Comfort conditions,
  • Usage time and period,
  • People who have summer house, social statue are changed. It is formed by new modern opinion, without traditional usage

First changes are lived in multiple usages. The most important part of the traditional life style, that live together, was abandoned firstly in city center than in summer houses. Second change is about spatial organization. In traditional life, houses were one storey and were small square meter like 50 or 70 m2, but modern summer houses are transformed to the two storied and wide square meter like 130 or 150 m2. Besides spatial changes, construction materials and techniques are altered. Stone and timber, which are natural, were used in the past, but today concrete reinforced system is used for construction. Timber and stone usage was very healthy for users and nature but concrete usage is very dangerous for nature. Modern life formation sent away people, from the nature. Usage time and period also changed. In the past people was only using that summer house in hot weather, but with modern heating system people can live for six months today. This heating system causes air pollution and a hazard to nature. Traditional summer houses, which were located in the middle of the nature with natural construction material and technique, are being transformed to the new, modern, huge and luxury villas. Main target of summer house is; to live with nature, without modern life requirements. But today it is very interesting paradox, people have moved to the summer house, due to living in the nature, but they have been trapped in buildings. This paper main aim is; define of traditional summer house usage, from past to nowadays. They are very important part of Kayseri culture but today they are changing. Second aim of paper is to show effects of changes, to the city development. Traditional life is perceived to be conserved with summer house usage but, with modernization it is changed, transformed and tradition is removed. It is other cause of the study.