This work aims to discuss the process experienced in the Cocó’s Park based on the reports of those who lived a group experience when different people all over the city came together to defend the protected ecological area of Cocó Park, which has been devastated by different kinds of building constructions.

The focus of the reports were the feelings experienced by different groups, evaluating the consequent personal transformations experienced by the members. This group settled in an area where trees and manguezal ecological system had been destroyed in order to stop the devastation process that had begun to construct a viaduct.

In the camping area they begun a dialogue process with campers and visitors to discuss new concepts of integrated healthy behaviors related to different models of growth and consumption within more sustainable parameters of living. Professionals and students in a transdisciplinary approach, biology, Architecture, Geography, Dentistry, Psychology, Sciences and Education developed an ecological consciousness in the camping members and visitors, and with the population as a whole. They reflected the human and environmental nature and its relation to a sustainable way of living and planning about a new city and a new way of life.