Housing types in Korea for a long time was formed a low-rise residential building an apartment housing type appeared in last 40 years, and roughly divided into two. Instead of the old residential area of ​​low-rise residential and many of them appeared as a places of historical properties. However, the low-rise residential areas subject to redevelopment was complete devotion to demolition, the place of residence and people in this respect was not right.

This study is pilot project which is planning and perform of master plan for rehabilitation of the deteriorated low-rise housing, and planning and its planning process was monitored. The proposal to establish a temporary object is king of Baekje era ruled areas, and residential properties play goal is to restore the historic site to honor the lives of the current residents in sustainable housing plan to develop and promote the regeneration of the pilot study that.

The planning issues is contradictory between historic environment and needs for people life in modern, and the pilot project is to adjust the contrary point of views. The master plan and progress for sustainable housing to promote the regeneration of the housing, can be a model process and technique of playing similar context.