The objective of this study is to identify urban neighbourhood liveability features from the perspectives of those who live in the low cost low rise housing in Shah Alam, Selangor. The group based technique, namely the Nominal Group Technique (NGT) was adopted for this study. It is a very structured method of getting information qualitatively from the respondents and it is done in a group. Four groups were formed inclusive of male adults, female adults, male teenagers and female teenagers with a number of 6 to 8 people in one group. The groups were given statements and three questions for them to answer in their group. The questions focussed on the liveable features of the physical, safety and social aspect that the residents feel that they should have or exits in their neighbourhood. The findings of the study find out that the group listed a long list of features or items but later were grouped into several items, 11 physical items, 11 safety items and 6 social items. For these items they were asked to rank them and the findings show that the top five for physical items are the availability of convenience shops and malls, safety features, religious places, clear sign for the direction and health facilities. For social features they wanted a place for them to do activities among ethnic groups living in the neighbourhood, a place for them to do gathers and eat together, social activities and sports activities. While from safety features, they want a close proximity to the police station, a place for neighbourhood watch, close proximity to fire station, a security post and also fire extinguisher for every floor. The study shows accessibility to facilities, proximity to security bodies and place for them to interact with each other are critical to ensure a liveable neighbourhood in a low rise public housing.