The organizing committee of the 23rd IAPS International Conference “Transitions to sustainable societies: Designing research and policy for changing lifestyles and communities”, which will take place in Timisoara, Romania, 23 – 27 June 2014, is organizing the symposium “People-environment research in Central and Eastern European countries”.

In organizing this symposium, we aim to bring together leading experts and scholars from the East-European countries to analyze and discuss with the research community, the history and the state of the art of the research conducted so far in the field of people-environment in these countries. We believe that some important issues should be addressed

  • The experience of the transition from totalitarian regimes towards democracy and the environmental consequences of political and economic decisions made many years ago in the Eastern European countries;
  • Environmental transition (europeanization) and the efforts in the direction of improving the environment’s quality, by developing institutional structures and environmental policies according to the international norms;
  • Difficulties in implementing the international norms for environmental protection in the Eastern European countries;
  • The environmental issues on the national political agendas and future prospects for environmental strategies and advancements.
  • The contribution of the research community in facilitating the understanding of the importance of the environmental issues and raising the awareness of people and policy makers.

This would entail prospecting the research community in Central and Eastern European countries that has contributions in the field of people-environment studies, whitin a wide rage of disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, geography, design or planning.

We are confident that this event will establish a fruitful future collaboration between us, researchers from this part of Europe, and worldwide.