Aging is most rapidly progressing in Korea and aging friendly housing development is urgently needed for the increasing number old population. Nowadays aging is not solely a problem restricted in farm village but is raising an issue to prepare and overcome. Apartment, as accounting for a considerable proportion of type of housing, has a meaningful significance for even old. In aging society, a study on apartments designed for aged seems is in great need. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to evaluate the adequacy and need for improvement of the current houses as a lifetime housing where they can live continuously as long as possible in the later age. This is to present in rapidly progressing aging society a way of developing an universally designed residential space that can relieve old experiencing a physical aging of moving to another place and spend its old age.In order to understand the suitability of and need for improvement of existing apartment as a concept of lifetime housing and a questionnairesurvey was launched on 120 elderly residents living in apartment.

Throughout the progress of the study, the suitability of the apartment as a lifetime housing and their need were figured out. Low demand on wheel chair and plan can be interpreted as people currently tend to depend on hospital or care facilities than housing and as the number of elderly care facilities or hospital are expected to be short in upcoming future where the population of will increase, the existing housing should be able to replace them as a common means of old age. This study extracted planning factors of lifetime housing by comparing evaluation results and needs for improvement of existing apartment under the circumstance of physical aging also representing a point of view of an existing housing as a lifetime housing. Thus it is meaningful in that it suggests way of apartments, a type of housing in which most of aged live, to be an independent housing environment for aged. In this aging society, the elderly doomed to suffer physical discomfort should prepare aging during their old age and apartments, and a common type of housing should be planned from lifetime housing perspective.