An alterpode is a geographic space of alterity, a place where things are just like in the native space of the subject, only beyond some sort of geo-political fold. Typically, Europe and North America are seen as spaces of alterity for each other, the middle of the Atlantic Ocean serving as a "folding" point. Travelling east or west from this fold, the alterity points emerge on its other side. Travelling west one can reach New York, while its point of alterity in the opposite direction. Specifically, its alterpode in Europe would be... The suspension point is used to suggest that typically such alterpodes are rarely imagined to be where they really are. Typically, European alterpodes of US locations are identified much further north, while US alterpodes of European locations, further south. Our research stimulates subjects to think about points of alterity without the help of a complete map. They are encouraged to tell us where points of alterity might be, according to their perceptions, information, or imagination. Studies conducted with US and Italian students who live in each other space of alteritty suggests that alterity is defined by cultural and ethnic perceived proximity. Geographic areas are moved around to match the perceived location of a matrix people or culture, rarely reflecting actual geographic knowledge.